ALF Resident Assistant

Company Name:
Maybelle Carter Retirement Life Community
The caregiver is a member of the Assisted Living team who, under the guidance and supervision of their supervisor, provides personal care and assistance to residents in their home environment. Under periodic but regular supervision of their supervisor, the caregiver performs observations designed to assist in the gathering of data relevant to the residents' needs and performs care for the residents as indicated.
The caregiver provides basic personal care, including bath and hygiene care, meal assistance, resident transfers and assistance with ambulation. The caregiver will assist with household duties, such as laundry, vacuuming in needed situations, preparing the dining rooms for meals, cleaning after meals, and serving meals to the residents. The caregiver is responsible for communicating with their supervisor, resident and family as indicated. Documentation is completed per protocol. The caregiver is responsible for complying with policies regarding health and safety in the home environment.

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