Laundry Assistant

Company Name:
Grace Healthcare
General Purpose:
Provide laundry delivery services for the facility and residents under the supervision of the Environmental Services Supervisor.
Essential Job Functions:
This facility expects their employees to promote an atmosphere of teamwork with other employees and hospitality and comfort for its residents. Therefore, the following list of duties is not all-inclusive:
Follow a regular schedule of all daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual laundry requirements.
Follow an uninterrupted work schedule when Supervisor is not available.
Mark any unmarked clothing with appropriate resident name before washing or mixing with other soiled clothing.
Wash personal clothing of residents who request this service.
Handle linen services for other facility departments as required.
Coordinate daily laundry services with nursing services when performing routine laundry assignments in resident living and/or recreational areas.
Assure that an adequate supply of laundry/linen supplies is maintained in laundry/linen closets to meet the daily needs of the residents.
Keep accurate records of linen inventory.
Pick up soiled clothing from dirty linen room and bath areas as outlined in Laundry policies and procedures.
Operate washers, dryers, and other laundry equipment.
Fold, stack, hang, and deliver laundry and linen.
Assist in maintaining the Laundry Department in a clean, safe, and sanitary manner at all times.
Attend in-service education programs in order to meet facility educational requirements.
Be familiar with Standard Precautions, Exposure Control Plan, Fire Drill and Evacuation Procedures and know how to use the information.
Maintain confidentiality of resident and facility records/information.
Protect residents from neglect, mistreatment, and abuse.
Protect the personal property of the residents of the facility.
Others as directed by the supervisor or administrator.
Minimum Qualifications:
Practical knowledge of day-to-day laundry care in a nursing facility.
Organized and detailed in work performance.
Good communication skills with excellent self-discipline and patience.
Genuine caring for and interest in elderly and disabled people in a nursing facility.
Comply with the Residents Rights and Facility Policies and Procedures.
Perform work tasks within the physical demand requirements as outlined below.
Perform Essential Duties as outlined above.

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